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Spread your wings and become a writer
Keep fluttering and improving with new writing projects!
See my article on how to help the dying monarch butterflies.
Laughter is the best positive booster.

The images at the beginning of this blog are some of the positive sayings that I have put on images of butterflies. They are some of the same ones I post on my "Changes" Facebook page. Most people think of butterflies as being something that is pretty and as a positive creature in nature. That's what my blog will be about...anything positive that could help someone make it through a tough time or in making major changes in their life which includes becoming a writer or progressing as a writer to the next level. You may comment by sending me an email. Thanks for reading!

Use your imagination to start the day with a positive thought.
Get positive with laughter.
Practice Positivity with positive words.
Stay around positive persons.
Get positive by viewing awsome nature.
Helping others helps boost your positivity. You can help the monarchs by reading "The Monarch Butterflies are Dying" on the main page.
How to keep automatic neative thoughts (ANTs) away.

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