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I have written eBooks, poems, articles, and blogs. Poetry is my favorite thing to write. I am also passionate about butterflies as you will see in much of my work.

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Butterfly Blessings to You!

The Dolphin and the Butterfly: A Lesson in Kindness

A Dolphin named Damsel meets a butterfly fish named Coral. Damsel helps Coral with an injured fin. Coral wants to become friends, but Damsel wonders if she should tell her about having a brain disease called bipolar. She had been teased and talked about so much that she is afraid to tell anyone. Read to see if they become friends.

Do you know someone who has bipolar? If so, you may understand why Damsel felt this way. If not, the book will tell you a little about the disease. This is a good book to help children (and adults) understand bipolar and how they should interact with someone who has the disease.

The link will take you to Amazon where you can buy the ebook for only $2.99 or it's free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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Riding the Wind

This book is children’s story about a Monarch butterfly and a Yellow Warbler who become friends as they migrate to their winter homes. They have many adventures while riding the wind and visiting with people in different locations of different nationalities and ages from Canada to Mexico. Children about age 8 or older may enjoy reading this book.

The story includes some geography lessons with a touch of history regarding some of the places and events that the characters visit. You will also lea

Out of Darkness - Caregiver Guide from a Mother of a Recovering Benzo Addict

A guide for caregivers and loved ones of people going through benzo withdrawal that I wrote with the help of my daughter who has been suffering from benzo withdrawal symptoms for over two years. The poem I wrote to her is a list of many of the symptoms suffered by her and others suffering through the horrible withdrawal symptoms when getting off of a benzo drug such as Klonopin, Xanax, Valuim or many others.

Changes - Be Like a Butterfly: 10 Steps to Help You Make Changes in Your Life

This presentation was written to help anyone wanting to make major changes in their life. The animated version will be added as a video in the near future. The book called Be Like a Butterfly that is also listed here goes into more detail as it is like a workbook. The objective is to help you learn how to plan changes needed for a particular desire or dream. The life of the butterfly was instrumental in inspiring me to compare 10 steps categorized into four groups or stages with the changes that a butterfly goes through. These 10 steps will show how to organize the plan for your change using the similarities of the four stages of the butterfly’s life, from laying eggs being like planting seeds of ideas for the changes to the adult butterfly completing its metamorphosis as being like you succeeding in making a change. Learn how you can better your life by making a change and following your dream.

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Solving the Stress Puzzle - Stress Management

Tips on how to deal with stress done in presentation format. The original is animated but could not be shown here in that format so if you would like the animated version, let me know. It will explain the meaning of stress and how it goes from good to bad stress by many triggers that cause it. It addresses how to not have stress just by exercising some simple rules and taking care of yourself. The author is not in the medical field but has had a lot of experience with stress and what it can do to your health and wants everyone to be aware of the dangers of having too much stress on the job and off.

HowExpert Guide to Butterflies: 101 Lessons to Learn Everything About Butterflies From A to Z

This Guide to Butterflies is a guidebook that is packed with a vast amount of information about butterflies. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about butterflies. It has more about butterflies than any encyclopedia and it reads much easier.

Some of the topics are on the differences between male and female butterflies as well as how they mate, how they transform from egg to adult, why so many are dying off, what you can do to help them survive, and much more.

It also has photos of a popular butterfly for each letter of the alphabet matching with the scientific name for the butterfly.

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Monarch Butterfly 101: Learn About Monarch Butterflies In One Sitting

Book Description:

- This book tells what people believe about the monarch, why people love it, why it is important to science, the history of the monarch, the meaning of its name, and what the purpose of the monarch’s life is.

- It gives a full description of what the monarch looks like, the metamorphosis, and a description of its four stages of its life.

- It describes the monarch’s habitat, diseases, common predators, and what they do to avoid them.

Monarch Butterfly 2.0: 101 Reasons to Love Our Favorite Orange and Black Butterfly From A to Z

This book is our second edition on the monarch butterflies that will expand your knowledge and admiration of the favorite and most loved butterfly in the history of man. After the first chapter summarizes the first edition, some of the topics to wet your learning appetite are:
• Exciting news and events about the monarchs such as the Blitz
• Explanation of scientific names with tips on how to pronounce them
• How to become a monarch expert on a professional level such as a Lepidopterist
• Ideas of what you can do as a monarch advocate such as tagging monarchs
• Tips on monarchs including fun butterfly related activities for the kids to do
• Monarch mysteries answered such as how do they know where to migrate to
• Answers to FAQs about the monarchs like why is global warming a threat to them
• Little known facts about the monarchs such as how they are able to navigate
• Lessons to learn on how you can help save the monarch by spreading awareness
• Fun things to do like having your next reunion or party at a butterfly conservatory
• How to have a vacation in Mexico with a tour to see millions of monarchs.

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